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Professor Andrew Przybylski

Director of Research at Oxford Internet Institute

Professor Przybylski is an experimental psychologist and Director of Research at the Oxford Internet Institute.

His work is mainly concerned with applying psychological models of motivation and health to study how people interact with virtual environments including video games and social media. He is particularly interested in integrating open, robust, and reproducible science with evidence-based policymaking.

Cornelia Geppert

CEO/Writer/Art & Creative Director/Game Design at Jo-Mei Games

Cornelia Geppert is the creative head of Jo-Mei Games and responsible for all artistic aspects of the production.

In addition she is in charge of the company development and PR. She started working as an illustrator and character designer for the renown comic series „Mosaik“ when she was 17 at the biggest German comic publisher „Steinchen für Steinchen Verlag“.

In 2001 she was hired by the french cartoon production house „Marathon“ for it’s cartoon „Misson Odyssey“ as Character Designer and Character Sheets creator. She completed the first given out scholarship for game design at the Games Academy Berlin and joined full-time the production of „Paraworld“ by „Spieleentwicklungskombinat GmbH“.  

She was working as a concept, character and level artist in this global published production.

There she met Boris Munser with whom she started to work freelance after the production and created together successful game concepts for valuable customers like Ubisoft and BMW. 

In course of that they founded together Jo-Mei Games in November 2009. Cornelia has been widely successful with her latest project, Sea of Solitude, which she not only wrote but she also is the Game Designer and Art Director. The industry giant Electronic Arts published it. 

She had been interviewed by several renowned news papers like the New York Times, LA Times, Variety and more.

In November 2019 her TED Talk went online and has over 1.8 million views already.

Eduardo Mena

Research Director at Ipsos Mori

With over 15 years of experience at Ipsos MORI, Eduardo has worked in a wide variety of research within the technology, content and media industry, combining personal interests with professional experience to provide strategic insight for clients.

Eduardo’s specific media specialist are gaming, home entertainment, movies & TV, music and cinema-going. Understanding behaviour of consumers across a wider variety of available content, increased number of media formats (physical or digital), devices and market places are common challenges for content owners, publishers and distributors, and also a personal passion. 

Eduardo enjoys working closer to clients to understand their needs and business goals. Also he is interested to discover consumer’s behaviour in order to develop strategies that help clients to achieve their objectives and improving consumer’s journey and experience. Eduardo has been primarily involved in large tracking studies, managing global, regional and local level stakeholders for global clients. 

Throughout his career, Eduardo has worked on complex and technically challenging projects with experience across quantitative & qualitative research methods, always looking at new and innovative ways to tackle client challenges.

Outside of work, Eduardo has a passion for cycling, sports, digital content, videogaming and outdoors. Also enjoys listening and discovering music and travelling to new places.

Gene Park

Reporter at The Washington Post

Gene Park is a reporter for The Washington Post covering video games and gaming culture.

He’s been a newspaper journalist since 2003, having covered government, business, criminal justice, education and art across the Pacific and California. He is most immediately an award-winning audience development editor for The Washington Post. He is also the former president of the Asian American Journalists Association chapter of Washington, D.C., and the former vice president of the Hawaii Newspapers Guild.